I have always been passionate about sport and fitness since a young age (primary school). During my school years I played for the school teams in Football, Rugby, Basketball and Cricket as well as playing Football for a local team. I often enjoy running, cycling and swimming and generally being outdoors, including with my 3 children.

Time in hospital following a burst appendix while I was working as a plasterer, made me realise we only live once. During my recovery I struggled a lot with everyday activities and realised how important fitness levels and a healthy lifestyle are for every aspect of wellbeing. I decided to follow my passion for fitness and retrained as a Personal Trainer and a Sports Massage Therapist so I could help others achieve their own fitness and lifestyle goals and be able to help people recover and look after their bodies.

I am very friendly and easy to get on with. I have friends from all walks of life, different ages and backgrounds. I love working with people of all levels of ability whether beginners, athletes and all those anywhere in between.

You will find me very encouraging and motivational and I will do everything possible to help you achieve your goals, reach your full potential, get back to full fitness and help you get rid of any tightness or stresses.