I have been working out with Paul for about a year now. I’m a surgeon and was finding exercise difficult as I can’t commit to regular session times with my shift work and I didn’t know where to start in a gym. I needed to increase my upper body strength to do my job effectively and weight had crept on, so I wanted to lose a little, especially when my best friend got engaged and asked me to be a bridesmaid.

A year on I’ve dropped three dress sizes and am due to hit my target early (being fitted for a size 12 bridesmaids dress). My arm strength is also more than enough now.

I’ve done this with very few dietary changes.

Paul is very friendly and knowledgeable, every time I’ve pointed at a body part that I want toned he’s been able to help me! He’s flexible and if I can’t do a new exercise he quickly adapts. Best of all he makes it fun.

He’s turned me from a girl that hated all forms of exercise into someone that almost feels addicted to it. I’ve even just entered my first 10km obstacle course. The first thing Paul did was adapt my workouts to specifically help me train for it!

He never berates, shouts or makes me feel bad if I’m slow or finding something difficult. He’s always really encouraging and is sweet in noticing and commenting if I’ve done well or when I’ve dropped another dress size. He’s eternally happy……even at 7 in the morning! If I turn up for the work out in a bad mood I always leave smiling and laughing, even though at least one muscle group is burning!

If you’re interested in either personal one to one training sessions or a group class I’ve tried both and can’t recommend them highly enough.

Dr Sarah-Jayne Herrington MBchB